Luck and a dream


Saint Patrick’s Day is my family’s day to celebrate my father’s “Irish luck.”

Immigration ID 3.17.39Seventy-five years ago, my father arrived in America, having escaped Nazi Germany.

Please read more of the story here, published online in Tablet Magazine.


Shamrocks growing outside my apartment

I don’t make anything fancy for the day (though I have been known to make S-cookies with green sparkling sugar) and I’m not a corned-beef-and-cabbage fan, so I’ll probably just make a variation of my emerald green parsley soup (thought I’d add some leeks to it this time) along with some Irish soda bread or maybe oatmeal scones.

And if there’s a beer around (it could be root beer or ginger beer or practically anything)  I’ll make a toast to my dad and all those who helped him and his family come to America.



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7 responses to “Luck and a dream

  1. Peter Walker


    I loved your new post Luck and a dream! And, especially so, the story you wrote about your father’s arrival in this country on St.Patrick’s day….In fact, I just forwarded the article to my son and his wife knowing that they’d enjoy it as much as I did. ( Our fathers were both born in the same year..)

    Two bunches of parsley, a few onions and ditto potatoes are now on my shopping list for Haggen’s!

    I remember that you showed me the shamrocks outside your door.. certainly a sign of good luck for you this year.

    Happy St. Patrick’s day to the two of you!


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  2. drmiko

    I am a corn beef and cabbage fan. It was my grandmother’s favorite birthday meal for years and years. So thankful your dad’s escaped and had you! Suffering and joy tied together!

  3. lemonodyssey

    We did often have corned beef sandwiches on Jewish rye to mark the day! Thanks for your lovely comments, Ulla and Cathy

  4. Anna Thomas

    Toby — wonderful story, wonderfully told. I think I will make a bright green parsley soup in honor of your dad and the luck of the Irish and Jewish and Polish (me) and every other kind of immigrant who arrived here in that time… and I think I’ll make it EXACTLY ACCORDING TO YOUR FORMULA!!

    Happy St. Patty’s Day,


    • lemonodyssey

      Oh, my goodness, I hope it works out! Feel free to change and adapt — it’s the immigrant way! Thanks for the spirited note, Anna.


    Hi Toby ~      Lovely, lovely story about your Dad.  Thank you for sharing his story.  xoxo  Karen

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