Tomato time!


After a week away, I arrived home to find my two Sun Gold cherry tomato plants full of deliciously sweet and ripe little tomatoes.  There were enough tomatoes to satisfy us — well, only for a couple days, but it was a really great two-day run!

tomato2 So, I roasted some of them with a little oil and garlic,

tomato3then smashed them onto slices of bread, topped with cheese and set in the oven till melted.


That made a mighty fine lunch

tomatopastaI later made some pasta with more roasted tomatoes. It was good but I wish the ratio of tomatoes to pasta had been reversed. It needed more tomatoes but by then my supply was starting to run low. Next year, I’ve decided, I’ll plant twice as many tomatoes.

tomato5Yet even my small harvest was a true late-summer pleasure…



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3 responses to “Tomato time!

  1. Rachel Hunter

    Ahhhhh Sungold tomatoes. My very favorite. Most of mine get eaten on the walk back from the garden. Yes! Let’s plant lots more next year.

  2. nia

    My motto: always plant more tomatoes!

  3. I love the colour of these tomatoes! We don’t get them here in Turkey. It would be nice to have yellow and red together ..anyway, yummy!

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