Worth the trouble

Confession: So often I am really lazy about making dinner. And making fresh pasta? Forget it. Waaaay too much trouble!

In fact, I’d nearly forgotten how wonderful fresh homemade pasta could be until a recent visit with my daughter, Aviva, who lives in the backwoods of Virginia. She’d invited nine people for dinner that evening, and around 3 in the afternoon, we started making fettucini to serve with some pesto we’d made the day before. It was not that difficult and was so delicious that I felt inspired. Couldn’t I do that at home on a smaller scale–just for our two-person supper?

Indeed.  One afternoon, I mixed a cup of flour with an egg and a couple tablespoons of water, let it rest for awhile and rolled out some sheets through the pasta machine.  Then, instead of cutting them into fettucini or spaghetti with the machine, I hand-cut some rough squares for fazzoletti or handkerchief pasta and let them dry for an hour or so on a clean dishtowel on the kitchen counter.

It only takes about a minute to cook fresh pasta, so before I put the pasta in the boiling water, I sauteed some garlic and cherry tomatoes, and added some chopped basil. Now my simple sauce was all ready to mix in with the pasta.

Mmmmmm……….it was delicious. There’s an Italian saying, “ne vale la pena” — it’s worth the trouble. Though I’ve since reverted to my lazy habits, and the pasta machine is starting to gather dust, perhaps writing this post will remind  me to take a little trouble with supper again sometime soon.


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2 responses to “Worth the trouble

  1. Oh my gosh, this looks heavenly. My mouth is watering. Seriously. You are inspiring me to make some fresh pasta. Thank you!

  2. Great post, Toby. I need to dust off my pasta machine too!

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