Corn to the rescue for a lazy cook

Late summer colors from the farmers' market

Late summer colors from the farmers’ market

I had another cauliflower revelation when my farmer’s market vendor, Amy, convinced me to try Romanesko–that outer-space version of cauliflower. She described its flavor as “nutty” — and she was right.

We had a couple of lunches that were not much more than a bowl full of cooked Romanesko. One time I tossed it  with the basic lemon-olive oil dressing and tossed with roasted sunflower seeds.  Another time I melted a bit of butter over the hot vegetable and grated some Pecorino cheese on top.  Both times we just gobbled up our vegetables and no complaints.

Then I decided to go all-out on the colorful salad theme, and tossed together both the Romanesko and the purple cauliflower. And carrots. And potatoes. I think there were some roasted hazelnuts in this one too.

However, here’s a confession: A lot of times, I’ve been too lazy even to cut and cook all the vegetables and mix them up with some dressing. Too lazy to make a salad, that is.

That’s why I’m happy that it’s corn season. Steve shucks the corn outside on the deck (no, really, it’s just a carport, but it has a great view) and I throw it in boiling water for a few minutes. Add a bit of butter and salt at the table and we’re more than halfway to dinner, in my estimation. Especially if the corn is fresh, sweet and tender.

Corn, green salad and bread with fresh tomatoes

It could be as simple as adding a salad and some bread, as I did one evening.  (If your lettuce is as sweet and fresh as the lettuce I buy from Terra Verde Farms, that salad will make you happy too.) And fresh tomatoes–I never have enough of these. You could invite a vegan to share this meal.

Corn, salad and sockeye salmon

Another evening it was corn and salad with a piece of wild sockeye salmon I’d bought from Vis Seafood, Bellingham’s magnificent fish store. It’s pretty easy cooking when about all you have to do is shop at the right places…..

But back to corn. Even when I don’t have fresh tomatoes or sockeye salmon, I’m happy if I have some corn to put on the table.  Everything has been a little late around here this summer, so the corn is still a recent entry– and still very tender. I’m sure we won’t tire of it before the end of this month.

Corn: these days, it’s the main course.

P.S. When my dad came to the U.S. from Germany in 1939, he was shocked that people were eating corn. In Europe, it was only fed to livestock. It didn’t take long, however, for him to become a great fan of corn on the cob.


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4 responses to “Corn to the rescue for a lazy cook

  1. Rick Steigmeyer

    Beautiful photos, Toby! I’ve been eating Quincy corn here and it’s been fabulous. And Sockeye salmon tonight too after interviewing a friend who had just finished a 700-mile hike following the Sockeye from the Pacific Ocean up the Columbia and Okanogan rivers to their spawning grounds in British Columbia. Such a wonderful serendipitious summer.

  2. Cathy mihalik

    I like corn on the cob with a little lime and salt. My favorite!!! Thanks for the beautiful photos

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