Lazy supper, with vegetables

Sometimes (actually, quite often) when I can’t think of what to have for supper and feel too lazy to cook anything the least bit complicated, I just cut some vegetables, mix them up with a little oil and salt and put them on a baking sheet with the oven heated to 400 degrees. It helps if I’ve got some potatoes roasting along with other veggies. By the time they’re done, about half an hour later, I’ve either  thought of something to do with them or I’ll just pile them onto the plates and we’ll eat as is, maybe with some bread on the side.

This batch had some garlic scapes, cauliflower and leeks –and some beet greens that I added at the last minute just till wilted.  Plenty of veggies that could be bound together with eggs for a frittata.

For the two of us, I used the equivalent of two eggs (one whole egg and a couple of egg whites actually), a little bit of pecorino, s & p; I melted just a tiny bit of butter in the pan, put in the egg mixture and cooked it slowly on the stovetop till it just started to firm on the bottom; then finished it up in a 350 degree oven. The eggs should just barely be set — don’t overcook or they’ll turn rubbery. (This small size took about 8 minutes). A cast iron pan is great for this.

Fortunately, I had roasted some potatoes to go along with that frittata. So there was supper, and it was good. A satisfying way to eat your vegetables, and be sort of lazy too.



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2 responses to “Lazy supper, with vegetables

  1. Oh my goodness your food looks super yummy! I’m so glad that I found your blog! 🙂

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