What’s for breakfast?

I don’t mean the special ones or Sunday ones (waffles, scones, frittatas, biscuits, etc–more on those later).

What about ordinary breakfasts?

During the week, I eat oatmeal or steel cut oats nearly every day. (Tip on cooking steel cut oats: start the night before to cut the cooking time. For two people, I put 1/2 cup of steel cut oats in a cooking pot and pour two cups of boiling water over it. Give a quick stir and cover with a lid. In the morning, it’s ready to cook the rest of the way, in 5 or 10 minutes.)

It would be a pretty boring eating oats day after day –were it not for fruit. I top the oats with some flax (fiber and nutty flavor), a nice dollop of yogurt, some fruit and a sprinkling of nuts.

Italian prunes cooked with a little bit of sugar make a beautiful sauce

Italian prunes cooked with a little sugar make a beautiful sauce

That brings me back to those Italian prunes or plums.

I had some left over after Zwetchgenkuchen, so I cut them, cooked them with a little sugar, (and cinnamon and lemon zest) and then had a lovely sauce to brighten drab oatmeal.

Actually, I think oatmeal is pretty good, the way I make it.  (Although, if it had equivalent nutritional value, I’d probably just eat buttered toast every morning.)

I’m curious, readers. What do you eat for (ordinary) breakfast? Are you happy with your breakfasts or do you long for something more appealing…..?

Leave me a comment and let me know!



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7 responses to “What’s for breakfast?

  1. jenniferwilke

    Best breakfasts: things you can put cinnamon on. Rye toast with a wee bit of honey. Crunchy cereals in summer (the low-fat, high protein kind). Ground nuts. Fresh fruit, like peaches or bananas or berries. Frozen fruit if necessary. Soy yogurt. Wheat pancakes. Mmm. Winter’s coming–thanks for the inspiration to switch back to hearty oat meal!

  2. Rick

    This is a beautiful web site with many quite familiar recipes and pictures. Good job Toby!
    My favorite breakfast is pie with yogurt. I try to make a fruit pie every couple of weeks during fruit season. I’ve been eating apple pie this week made with delicious Jonathan apples from the back yard.

  3. Meg in Healdsburg

    Hi Toby,
    Thanks for this link. We’ve been making/eating/enjoying your pizza dough. Jenine is in on this and if I make the pizza dough she’s happy to pitch in and help make the pizza! Good deal.
    So breakfast: your breakfast is my breakfast. Flax included. PLUS I add spices to the oatmeal. Cinnamon, Ginger, and maybe some nutmeg. Some dried fruit… I eat this all winter long. xo Meg

  4. Donna Rushing

    Hi Toby!

    I am also a hot cereal fan, including, but not limited to oatmeal. I also love the brown rice hot cereal they sell at the Co-op (I forget the brand, but it comes in a box), sort of a rice grits. I eat it with chopped almonds, good maple syrup, bananas if I have them and rice-soy milk blend. Yum….


  5. Meta

    I eat my own home-baked granola with yogurt every morning and the days that I don’t eat it, I miss it. The granola is full of seeds and nuts and many spices — my favorite version takes place in the summer when fresh peaches and berries are at their best. I’m experimenting with different yogurts, my current favorites are either Greek style (very thick) or Russian (softer and more sour). I also top it with a spoonful of ground flax seed.

  6. Hi Toby! Love your blog! I’m not a big-cereal-for-breakfast fan. This may sound odd, but a couple days a week I eat a garden burger for breakfast. After microwaving the burger for one minute, I put the burger in a pan with a dash of olive oil. When it is nicely toasted on both sides, I slice it up and wrap it in a warmed tortilla with some spinach leaves. Voila! A healthy breakfast burrito. During the summer we also eat lots of fruit pies and crumbles leftover from dinner’s dessert.

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